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Buy chips in Ukraine

In the Stone Age, when the world did not have factories and industrial enterprises, the issue of fire and the wood was very relevant. The cave days and nights fire was burning, which threw up chips unwashed Neanderthals fleeing the tyrannosaur. It was not about to go to the store and buy chips. It was just enough to survive.

Back in our day, experts on the survival of various makes and brands offer us to buy chips to transfer the burdens of outdoor activities. Stock up on all occasions, it is likely to fail, but nevertheless usual chips of the tree appeared on store shelves. Firewood related to the packaging and sold at petrol stations, it is necessary to prick because they are very large, but if you are lucky, because they, too, can be good chips.

If you buy chips, no need to trim the tree. After all, there should be a lot of chips. It is used for ignition of fire, it varies by type of wood from which the bark or sawn chips was removed. In the preparation of food grade wood affects the taste of food, so some manufacturers make a mixture of several breeds to provide a distinctive flavor that will satisfy the gourmet tastes.

Chips get the highest quality as a result of drying wood. When the bark to absorb all the sap dries up, too. Comes off in large pieces, it has long been known for its qualities of rapid fire and a long maintenance of the hot coals. Smooth temperatures on an open fire cooking allows long, which leads to increased list of dishes that can be cooked.

Commercial chips that looks like a broken chip is the product of mining sawmills. Cured large or small, it has a lower price. This is due to the fact that the package, which eventually end user buys be packaged chips and bark and inner layers of wood. So before you buy chips, it is necessary to take into account the factors in which it was produced.

Quality chips cherry tree provides unsurpassed flavor when frying meat, but for the price it will be different from the time in 10 industrial. Impregnated adhesive, it not only has its own smell when burning, but also the other fraction obtained with finer screening at the factory. Best chips for ignition will be a piece of fruit tree bark, about the size of 50mm * 100cm.

Buy chips of this size can be in the shops selling goods for hunting and fishing and outdoor activities. It is not always possible to find even in the open air dry wood, from which it will be possible to make a fire. But with the chips, you can make a unique Shurpa or skewers.

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